Il Colosseo

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Om fotosessionen

This shoot was inspired by the Roman Coliseum, and a theatrical way to act out and make a statement. I found this amazing place in Hammarby Sjöstad, whilst walking around with Emma N, one night in Stockholm, and I knew directly that I wanted to do a shoot here.

Even though this wasn’t a fully planned shoot, the results still impress me. Both models did a brilliant job, as the conditions outside weren’t exactly ideal, with heavy winds and cold air, not creating the best possible surroundings.

Also big thanks to Petra H, who helped out as an assistant, so things wouldn’t fly away, but I don’t complain, we all - except for me – had our pictures taken by this big group of Asian tourists. I am kind of pissed, they didn’t ask for a photo of me.

Anyway, here it is, finally after working ages on these images because the entire place was sprayed in graffiti.

My interpretation of the shoot is that the two models battle out as in the Coliseum, but instead of hurting each other they are fighting their emotions. The man starting out as the strongest, but then slowly giving up his pride, for the woman of his dreams. Finally the woman gradually becomes the stronger of the two, hence the final image. Which for me captures the momentums balance, and shows that you need to be two, to make it work.

/ Dominic

I’d love to have constructive criticism, because I want to develop and learn.

PS. I’d like to welcome Therese J to MB, as this is her first shoot up on the scene.
Thanks for everyone who put with me on MSN, during the editing time; you kept me going even though I had to redo the images twice. Thanks to Walle for yet again borrowing me his stuff. Now I know that the quality of the images won't be as good on MB as in A3 print's so you'll just have to trust me on this one. DS.

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